All hail the King

He is no true independent. That’s what he wants Mainers to think because we seem to have an affinity for someone who does not claim party affiliation. However, let’s take a look at the facts.  In 2011-2012 Angus King donated $6,000 to the DNC and gave $16,000 to the Obama Victory Fund and Obama for America. True, he can give to anyone he wants, but why not give the same amount to the Republicans if you are truly independent? He says one thing, but he’s picked his side. He flip-flops, too. First he promises to support Elliot Cutler, then switches to Michaud as he sees that Cutler isn’t gaining support.

That’s not the first time he’s promised something and then switched. I remember how much grief Bush senior got from saying “read my lips, no new taxes” and then taxed. Sure, I wasn’t happy with that either, but the press gave AK a pass when he did that. He gave a campaign promise that he wouldn’t raise taxes but as gov. he supported raising the taxes on gas and cigarettes. Ironically, HE criticized the Maine people because they opposed it. As gov. he started with a budget SURPLUS of over $300 million, but after 8 years of his liberal tax and spend ways he left the office with a $1 billion SHORTFALL.

So what does Angus King, the supposed independent senator from Maine, say to Fox News anchors when they ask him about the ObamaCare architect calling the American people stupid and the need to pass the plan without transparency because it would fail otherwise? He gets mad, evades the question, and then lobs personal attacks against the news anchors calling them “cruel”. Typical Progressive tactics.

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