Obama’s Foreign Policy on Thin Ice

Harry S. Truman (1884 – 1972), 1945 – 1953 the...

Harry S. Truman (1884 – 1972), 1945 – 1953 the thirty-third President of the United States Deutsch: Harry S. Truman (1884–1972), 1945 bis 1953 33. Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are the days of the Harry Truman-type Democrat leadership “the buck stops here” over? If President Obama and Joe Biden are any indication then the answer is, yes.

During the VP debate Biden threw the intelligence community under the bus. I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall in key homes to see their response.

I would hope that a sitting Vice President would not lie, and I’ll try to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he just is clueless. Whichever the case, he was incorrect to say that no requests had been made to provide more security in Libya.

Eric Nordstrom, I guess now he is the former top security official in Libya, went on record saying that they did ask for more security and were denied. He had asked a regional director for twelve security agents. When I heard that I was surprised. Because of the 48 security incidents in Benghazi alone just from June 2011 to July 2012, I probably would’ve asked for 50!

The regional director’s response to Nordstrom was, “You are asking for the sun, moon, and the stars.”

I can’t blame Nordstrom for his frank reply, “…you know what makes most frustrating about this assignment? It is not the hardships, it is not the gunfire, it is not the threats. It is dealing and fighting against the people, programs, and personnel who are supposed to be supporting me. For me the Taliban is on the inside of the building.”

Further in his testimony, Nordstrom said, “…it was abundantly clear we were not going to get resources until the aftermath of an incident. And the question that we would ask is again, ‘How thin does the ice need to get until someone falls through?’”

Unfortunately, the answer turned out to be the deaths of four Americans, one of whom was an ambassador. It had been thirty years since we had lost an ambassador. This one should not have happened.

Charlene R. Lamb, a deputy assistant secretary for diplomatic security, admitted to lawmakers that she did refuse requests for more security. Notice that “requests” is plural.

Congressman Paul Ryan made a good point when he pointed out that the Paris Embassy had security, so why should Benghazi not have had sufficient security as well? Biden tried to shift the blame to Ryan declaring that Congress had voted to cut State Department spending. I guess Joe forgot that the Democrat controlled Senate hasn’t passed a budget in three years. The State Department received a boost when Obama first took office. And it is the State Department that decides how they will spend their budget. Not Paul Ryan. Incidentally, it is Hilary Clinton who is the head of the State Department. She has since come out and accepted the blame for the lack of security in Benghazi. I wonder what Obama promised her? Ultimately, Obama is the president and as such he is to blame for the lack of leadership.

Not only did our security personnel in Libya alert the State Department about the powder keg preparing to explode at any moment, but so did the Libyan leaders. Or they tried. No one listened. As a result, a well-armed and trained terrorist unit took out our Embassy.

Instead of admitting culpability, the Obama administration tries to pin the blame of the attack on an obscure YouTube video. It took them weeks to admit that it was a well-planned terrorist attack and our guys had been left without enough security.

It didn’t take FDR weeks or even days to acknowledge that Americans had been attacked.

The mainstream media initially ignored Benghazi-gate and focused for three days on Romney’s statement of the incident. He didn’t have to wait to admit that we had been attacked by Islamic terrorists. And if our president attended his daily security briefings maybe he would’ve gotten it right immediately.

Cover of "The Alamo"

Cover of The Alamo

As I was writing this a scene from John Wayne’s production of The Alamo came to mind. Sam Houston arrives at the Alamo and wants to talk to Jim Bowie, but Bowie is drunk and sleeping it off. So Houston immediately promotes Major Travis to Colonel. Houston charges Travis to keep Santa Anna’s army off his back so that he can shape up an army. Houston tells Travis that he personally dislikes him, but he tells Travis that he would trust him with the lives of his family if needed.

That is one of the highest compliments one could be paid.

I also want a leader I can trust with the lives of my loved ones. One I can trust with the present and future of America. I believe that man to be Mitt Romney.


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